Magi astrology golden linkages

If Venus in the global world chart generally called a transit makes a favorable alignment such as a trine, quincunx or conjunction, parallel or contraparallel to your natal Chiron you have a Cinderella Transit. Venus moves quite quickly usually more than 1 degree per day so this is a Cinderella Transit that might only be effective for a few days.

If, on the other hand, Chiron in the global world chart makes a favorable transiting aspect the common term for alignment to your natal Venus this is also a Cinderella Transit. While these Cinderella Transits last you are in a Cinderella Time.


Unless you are simultaneously having difficult turbulent transits you should do quite well at whatever you begin. Some say that the Academy Awards are a popularity contest. Cher won an Oscar for her role in Moonstruck. When Moonstruck was released in Cher was having a Cinderella Time. Her appearance in Moonstruck was very popular with the general public as well as those who voted for the awards.

Venus is the traditional astrology planet of love but other transits that pair Chiron and the Sun, Chiron and Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, or Chiron and Pluto are also Cinderella Transits that indicate Cinderella Times.

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  • Romantic Super-Linkages in Magi Astrology.

In his case, transiting Chiron was trine his natal Sun. YOU might not win an Academy Award just because YOU have a Cinderella Time, but it is a wonderful time when you can be more popular and more successful at whatever you do.

If you want to know when your Cinderella Times occur make an appointment with Magi Bette. An aspect in the geocentric declinations between two planets in the same degree of declinations, but which are on different sides of the celestial equator, i. When two aspects in any dimension are comprised of the same two planets, but one or both of the aspects are slightly wider than the Magi Orb, then the two aspects together still have more power than either one alone.

Transiting Pluto

Similar to but less powerful than true Bi-Level or Trans-dimensional Aspects. Can create love at first sight but is not enough to sustain love without Chiron Linkages.

Financial Super Linkages

A linkage that is wider than the Magi Orb. There can be just enough influence to make it seem like the linkage works, when in fact, the orb is just not tight enough to create the necessary power.

Magi Astrology describes planetary degree positions in decimal format rather than the degree and minute format used by traditional astrology. A term in Magi Astrology referring to the astrological phenomenon by which planets always move more slowly through the extreme north and south degrees of declinations, thus increasing the likelihood of creating aspects with each other.

The vertical locations of the planets in the geocentric dimension. The declination of a planet is the distance, in degrees, north or south of the Celestial Equator. Any aspect in which an important Saturn midpoint is in very close aspect with both planets of a two or more planet aspect.

Degraded Aspects have the ability to be especially toxic and destabilizing. A Degraded Sexual Aspect is any aspect in which an important Saturn midpoint is in very close aspect with both planets of a natal Sexual Aspect.

Measuring by degrees to an aspect's exactness rather than by time to exact. The chart of the day and time that two people "met" for the first time via internet or telephone prior to a face-to-face meeting. The astrological chart of the day a divorce is legally recorded.

An aspect between two planets both of which are both in direct motion. This occurs in a CAC when the charts have two linkages made of the same combination of planets in any dimension. An aspect between two planets in which both planets are in retrograde motion.

Enhancement Double Retrograde Aspects are the most beneficial type of enhancements. Turbulent Double Retrograde Aspects are the worst type of turbulent aspects. Dragons and Dragon Points: Complex Planetary Geometry of 3 or more planets. Dragons start with two planets forming a quincunx aspect. When a third planet is found on any of these Dragon Points, a Dragon is formed.

This actually can allow a slightly wider orb for the third planet than is usual in Magi Astrology. A Dragon may be formed in a CAC with a natal quincunx in one chart, and with a Dragon Point occupied by a planet from the other person. A transiting Dragon may be formed with a one transiting planet forming a quincunx with a natal planet, and a second transiting planet occupying a Dragon Point.

A dragon can contain a Yod, but can also contain a Mystical Triangle. Romantic Dragons are comprised of Romance planets and Sexual Dragons are comprised of Sexual planets. When an existing natal or transiting aspect is joined by a third planet to create a Dragon. These are especially severe clashes. If a Heartbreak or Nuclear Clash is part of the Dragon, the severity is exacerbated even further.

From the distant perspective of the Sun looking toward the Earth, there is little to no differentiation between the placement of the Earth and the placement of the Moon. In interpretations, the Earth-Moon Complex is very similar to the Sun.

However, aspects to the Earth—Moon Complex are more powerful than aspects to the Sun because the Earth-Moon Complex is really two planets combined. Also, due to the lunar influence, the Earth-Moon complex has a slightly more emotional component. When any two planets are both conjunct in longitude and parallel in declination in the geocentric chart.

In helio, an eclipse is formed by a conjunction in longitude and a parallel in latitude. An eclipse is considered to be a major influence in a chart. In traditional astrology this term is known as an occultation, and it is also known as a Planetary Eclipse.

Electional Astrology is used to select the best days for new meetings, weddings, business incorporation, product launches, large financial transactions, investments etc… Much research has proven beyond a doubt that the day a new relationship or endeavor is begun has great or even nearly-ultimate influence over the success or failure of the venture.

The principles of Electional Astrology have been honed to a fine art in Magi Astrology. See also Event Chart, Natalization. A chart of the first day on a new job. This is a crucial chart for employee satisfaction and success. Magi Astrologers are often consulted for their Electional services to choose the most favorable date possible to begin a new job.

The astrological chart of the day a couple becomes engaged. A Magi Astrology term referring to favorable aspect angles. Includes the Conjunction, Trine, and Parallel.

The Quincunx, Contra-parallel, and Contra-latitude are also enhancements if the aspect does not include Saturn. Enhancement by Extreme Declination: The increase in the power of a planet seen when it is located at very extreme degrees of declination based on its individual orbit.

In favorable Planetary Geometry, the rule of Enhancement Dominance holds that most of the time, Enhancement angles in the Geometry will reverse negative symbolisms of any Clash angle in the same Geometry, making them positive. A chart of the date, place and time something significant is initiated. Event Charts can include charts of wedding dates, incorporation dates, founding dates of countries or currencies, dates when you first meet a new person, book, movie or product launch dates, employment dates, dates of opening bank or brokerage accounts, etc.

When two or more planets which form an aspect are located in the very same degree and fraction of a degree in the longitudes, declinations or latitudes, they are said to be exact.

The more exact an aspect, the more rare and powerful it is. People with a natal linkage between any 2 of these planets: Venus, Vesta, or Jupiter. See The Faithful in Love. The residual influence of an unfavorable transit or progression which can exist for a short time after the exact transit or progression has peaked and begun to separate.

This often correlates to dealing with the consequences of unwise actions set into motion during the unfavorable transit or progression.

An aspect formed by two financial planets. Created by inter-aspects between Uranus and Venus or Chiron in a CAC, fluctuating relationships can ebb and flow over time. The Uranus person is usually seen by the Venus or Chiron person as being the person who blows hot and cold as their interest in the relationship waxes and wanes. This phenomenon can be worrisome at times, but can be present even in a strong soulmate relationship- understanding is the key.

A planetary geometric pattern composed of 4 or more planets forming a parallelogram with 2 trines on sides, 1 square at base, 2 quincunxes inside, and a semi-sextile at the top. A rare and powerful pattern containing 2 Mystical Triangles working together.

The native or relationship can really soar in the areas indicated by the symbolisms of the planets involved. A planet that appears twice or more in the first six Magi Quads ordered in Magi Sequence of that day. There can be different Focal Planets in the various dimensions of Magi Astrology geocentric longitudes, geocentric declinations, heliocentric longitudes, and heliocentric latitudes.

The symbolisms of the Focal Planet s help to determine the potential areas success for the native.

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The most exact aspect in a chart, and often the most important. Three or more planets, all in aspect to one another planetary geometry or synchronization , possessing the most exact combined distance orb in the chart. Often the Focus Aspect is found in the Focus Alignment.

The Focus Alignment is the Central Planetary Geometry of the chart and is the most powerful configuration in the chart. This occurs when a person has a transit to a natal planet, and also a transit by the same planet.

The common planet in both transits is called the Focus Planet. The symbolisms of this planet are likely to be the focus of the native's life while the two transits are applying. The common planet in two applying transits in which this planet is the natal planet in one transit and the transiting planet in the other transit.

See Focus Double Transit. Focus Progressed Super Transits: When both planets that form the Focus Aspect of a natal chart receive Progressed Transits by the same progressed planet. Usually the dominant influence while applying.

Both planets within a natal aspect are transited by the same planet, or two transiting planets which aspect one another are both transiting the same natal planet. When both planets of the Focus Aspect of a natal chart are transited by the same planet.

Planetary geometrical pattern composed of a minimum of 4 planets which form any rectangle with two parallel sides. Invincible Fortress A rectangle with 2 parallel sides, with a third side a trine. Fortress with sextiles for 2 sides. Four Strongest Pluto Enhancements: In Magi Astrology, this refers to the four most beneficial planetary enhancements to Pluto: Planetary symbolisms which are similar in meaning.

See Planetary Symbolisms in Magi Astrology. The stars may incline us in a direction, but they cannot compel us. The stars cannot dictate the choices we make or the choices anyone else makes. The actions we take are always our choice, whether we realize that or not.

We are always allowed Free Will, and we are responsible for the choices we make with it. The CAC linkages which create the most joint financial success. A planetary geometric configuration composed of 4 or more planets which create a rectangle formed by 2 trines and 2 sextiles. One type of Fortress.

The transits which bring the most financial success. They are any transiting-to-natal combination of these planetary pairs: Additional Golden Transits are: See Transit, Silver Transits.

A configuration of 4 or more planets in which all 4 planets are at right angles to one another, creating 2 oppositions and 4 squares. A planetary geometric pattern of 4 or more planets forming a parallelogram shape with an opposition on one side and creating three sextiles.

One type of Mighty Fortress. A planetary geometrical pattern composed of 3 or more planets which form an equilateral triangle with 3 trines. One type of Spearhead.

Magi Astrology Glossary

Clash transit to a natal financial planet, imperiling career and financial affairs while applying. A day in which there is one of the following Heartbreak aspects in the sky: A time when we are viewed in our worst possible light, and we are in danger of making devastating mistakes.

When Saturn is within 1. The day on which a planet is most exactly conjunct a mid-degree point of two other planets in a natal chart. Gives special talents to the native. An aspect that occurs in the chart of an event. Interpreted differently than a Natal Aspect. See Midpoint, Degraded Aspect.


An aspect in a CAC. Inter-aspect Non-Cancellation, Rule of: A fundamental principle of Magi Astrology which states that no aspect "cancels out" another aspect in a CAC. All aspects are felt in a relationship.

Also known as the Principle of Non-Cancellation. Three interconnected aspect pairs of planets formed by a minimum of 6 planets- each pair of planets forms a Magi Quad with each other pair. An extremely powerful form of Planetary Geometry. The most powerful Interconnected Magi Quads occur when 3 pairs of planets share similar aspects, such as 3 conjunctions, 3 parallels, or 3 sextiles.

See Planetary Geometry, Magi Quad. A planetary geometric pattern of 4 or more planets which form a rectangle with 2 parallel sides, with a third side a trine. A planetary geometric pattern of 6 or more planets which form a Grand Trine and a Yod, with the apex of the Yod conjunct one point of the Grand Trine.

The 6th planet is opposite the apex, forming the shaft of the spear. A rare and powerful pattern which gives near-invincible strength. See Grand Trine, Yod, Spearhead. A planetary geometric pattern of 4 or more planets which form a parallelogram with 2 squares on sides, 1 trine at base, 2 quincunxes inside, and a sextile at top.

Immovable determination coupled with the agility of a butterfly. See Square, Trine, Quincunx, Sextile. Juno Linkages, Rule of Excessive: Too many Juno Linkages in a couple's CAC can indicate that the pair are not soulmates and that their relationship is built on illusion.

See Sex in Magi Astrology. When Juno inter-aspects outnumber Chiron inter-aspects in a CAC it can indicate that sex is the main focus of the relationship, even though the pair may believe for a time that they are in love. Such relationships seldom last unless there are linkages with Chiron or Neptune.

A Juno Sexual Linkage is perhaps more likely than any other sexual linkage to compel a couple to act on their attraction. Juno Sexual Linkages always burn out if a couple marries. Jupiter-Pluto Aspected Magi Quad: This is the most powerful pairing, and therefore also forms the most powerful standard Magi Quads.

A Grand Trine with a fourth planet opposite one corner. The vertical locations of the planets in the heliocentric dimension. The latitude of a planet is the distance, in degrees, north or south of the ecliptic. An inter-aspect that is formed by a conjunction, trine or parallel. May also be formed by a quincunx, contra-parallel or contra-latitude IF neither planet is Saturn.

The commonly used dimension of astrology- the locations of the planets horizontally around the zodiac wheel. Planetary synchronization in the geocentric or heliocentric longitudes. When a transiting planet makes an exact conjunction with a natal planet in direct motion, goes retrograde and makes exact conjunction again, then resumes direct motion and becomes exact a third time- essentially making a loop around the natal planet.

Could also loop the natal planet retrograde, direct, retrograde. The tighter the orb between the natal planet and the outer edge of the loop, the more powerful this transit is.

The astrological chart of the first time two people make love. Get an Instant Love Chart Report for your relationship.

Lust bonds are mutual and not Captivations. This clash creates a high degree of sexual attraction, but also incompatibility and antagonism. A chart generated by Magi Society software illustrating planetary positions in Geocentric Longitudes and Declinations, or Heliocentric Longitudes and Latitudes.

Magi Astrologer Certification Program: The Magi Society offers a free certification program to their members. As students progress in their skills through the program, they can earn the following designations in ascending order of achievement: Magi Instructor Level II: Not all Magi Astrologers online clearly define their level of certification.

Level IV Certified Magi Astrologers teach and train the other three levels of Magi Astrologers, helping them to expand and sharpen their skills in preparation for certification in higher levels of Magi Astrology.

Magi Astrology Law of Symmetrical Enhancement: When 3 or more planets form a symmetrical pattern, then the planets exert a positive influence on one another unless 90 degree angles are formed, such as in a T-Square. A term in Magi Astrology referring to the condition where in the declinations, at least 3 planets are each in aspect to one another.

This usually occurs when 3 planets are all parallel to each other, but it is possible for it to occur when 1 planet is contra-parallel to 2 planets, which are, in turn, parallel to each other. In the longitudes, this is a Magi Quad composed of 4 planets, which has a pairing that is a conjunction; this results in the formation of an equilateral triangle with a conjunction of 2 planets at the apex.

In the declinations, a Magi Pyramid Quad has a parallel of 2 planets rather than a conjunction; the midpoint of the other pairing is parallel to both planets that form the parallel. In the longitudes, it exists wherever 4 planets are aligned in such a way that they form a symmetrical pattern such that at least 2 of the 4 sides are parallel to each other.

In the declinations, a Magi Quad exists whenever 2 pairs of planets are an equal number of degrees apart; for example, if a pair of planets is 2 degrees apart, and another pair of planets is also 2 degrees apart, the 4 planets will form a Magi Quad. The Magi Associates, Inc.

Founded in China in , the Magi Society is now the fastest-growing astrological association in the world, with more than 5, members in 32 countries. More information on The Magi Society. The research-derived meanings of the planets in Magi Astrology. Magi Ten Principles of Love: Magi Society research has identified 10 crucial principles of Love: You are most likely to meet your true love during a time when you are having at least one Cinderella Transit.

The more Cinderella Transits you are having at a particular time, the more likely it is that you will meet your true love at that time. Every relationship has challenges, which can always be seen in the chart comparison of the couple.

Instead, the combination of compelling RSLs and serious clashes is more apt to create "Heaven and Hell" Relationships. A lack of strong RSLs undermines a relationship, and incline a couple away from staying married, or even away from getting married in the first place. Madonna's planets are black, Guy's are red.

Unfortunately, all but one not shown of their RSLs are problematic. Each RSL contains at least one significant clash. Additionally, their RSLs contain 2 Neptune clashes, which probably shortened their relationship. After 8 years of marriage, the couple divorced following Madonna's much-publicized affair with Alex A-Rod Rodriguez.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder see charts above also have one Chiron clash, but they also have many highly favorable Chiron linkages. Heather's planets are black, Richie's are red. In the chart above is a romantic super-linkage in the longitudes planets outside the circle.

The couple divorced after 12 years of marriage. Romantic Super-Linkages are only one factor to consider in the analysis of a relationship. Couples who married on a Heartbreak day Get an Instant Ruling Relationship Report for the day you met, made love for the first time, or married. This lesson is not intended to suggest that RSLs which contain difficult planets or stressful planetary geometry are any kind of kiss of death to a relationship.

The intention in this lesson is simply to deepen the student's abilities in relationship analysis by being able to recognize the relative strength of the RSLs present between partners. If a couple truly loves one another and does have RSLs, they can learn to build on the strengths of their relationship and better manage their planetary clashes if they so choose.


Online lessons in Magi Astrology are tutorials in elementary and essential Magi principles. They are not intended to teach basic astrological concepts - some knowledge of simple astrology is very helpful. I am only at liberty to discuss research findings which have already been revealed to the public.

I apologize if you are left with questions unanswered! Lessons will be periodically updated as more information is discovered and made public by the Magi Society.