Horoscope analysis of arvind kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal's Prediction Mar 20, to Mar 20, This is a relaxing period for Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal's outlook will be confident and Arvind Kejriwal will feel positive.

About Arvind Kejriwal | Chief Minister of Delhi, India

On the domestic front Arvind Kejriwal will be happy and Arvind Kejriwal's desires will be fulfilled. Though there is possibility of problems to Arvind Kejriwal's borther. Traveling is on cards.

Short distance journeys will be fruitful and bring luck. Monetary gains are likely to happen. Arvind Kejriwal will socialize with family and friends. Arvind Kejriwal is blessed with good health.

There will be victory over enemies. Arvind Kejriwal may get indulge into unwanted expenditure. Approach towards love, romance and life in general is not encouraging. Arvind Kejriwal is advised to be very calm and balanced in Arvind Kejriwal's approach towards different situations in life. Guesswork is not going to help Arvind Kejriwal in any field so it should be avoided.

There will be health problems related to eyes, phlegmatic complaints and spleen. Arvind Kejriwal will create problems for yourself by uttering falsehood. Physically as well as mentally Arvind Kejriwal will be very courageous during this period. This is a good phase for Arvind Kejriwal's relatives especially Arvind Kejriwal's brothers will grow.

Go for attempts in Arvind Kejriwal's career life as the success is assured. Gain of material things is also indicated. Arvind Kejriwal's enemies will not be able to plunk before Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal's desired will be fulfilled during this period. Arvind Kejriwal will come out as a winner. During this period Arvind Kejriwal will be courageous and rise to a high level.

Arvind Kejriwal will enjoy conjugal happiness during this time. Arvind Kejriwal's contacts with influential people will definitely increase. Arvind Kejriwal's opponents will lack conviction and courage to face Arvind Kejriwal.

Long distance travel is going to be beneficial.

For love and romance this is going to be a boon. Arvind Kejriwal will be heroic in strife and overcome Arvind Kejriwal's enemies. Minor ailment can be seen.

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Family relation will be quite satisfactory. Though relationship with Arvind Kejriwal's children may not be good.

Astrological Highlights and Horoscope analysis of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal desire a deeper connection and emotional bonding with Arvind Kejriwal's family, exploring the ideas Arvind Kejriwal have learned from Arvind Kejriwal's parents. Harmony in family life is assured. Having high personal values, and being very idealistic, are just some of the reasons why Arvind Kejriwal attract so many gifts and blessing from others.

So much of Arvind Kejriwal's energy will be giving more to Arvind Kejriwal's personal relationships and partnerships. The changes Arvind Kejriwal experience in Arvind Kejriwal's life will be deeply felt and lasting. Arvind Kejriwal will come into contact with higher officials and authorities.

Arvind Kejriwal's Planetary Position

Her span could generally be happy ands would destroy his or her enemies easily. The person would get good respect from the state or the government and this trend could be ever increase sing for the person. So one may have many or heavy medical expenses due to this state of Venus or shukra in the birth horoscope of the person.

The overall strength of Venus is weak here in this state. The overall strength of Venus is strong here. He or she may get separated from his own people and may cry for the same.

Also the person may have fear from enemies. The overall strength of Venus or shukra is weak here. He or she may visit big shrines and be very positive and optimistic. The over strength of Venus or shukra is average. Arvind kejriwal is the chief minister of Delhi currently in the year In the kundli or horoscope of arvind kejriwal, His Venus shukra is a bit weakened in the sign of Leo or simha rashi in his house of public image and family the fourth house or fourth bhava.

Given the kundli or horoscope of arvind kejriwal ,whenever Venus or shukra is weak in transit- he or arvind kejriwal may face issues in maintaining his image and law and order Also Venus or shukra In the kundli or horoscope of arvind kejriwal is at around 16 degrees , so is in prime of youth and in Kendra house.

So or the fourth house to that way it is strong. But still being in simha rashi or Leo sign makes it weak. In the kundli or horoscope of arvind kejriwal ,The other planets that sits there in the fourth bhava or house are sun. This impacts Venus a bit but mostly makes him arvind kejriwal prone to heart and blood pressure diseases and also as sun or surya is at 0.

Also In the kundli or horoscope of arvind kejriwal ,the dev guru Jupiter or guru is there close to planet Venus in the fourth bhava.

That is the blessings of planets Jupiter is there, blessing and balances many of the negativities for arvind kejriwal as discussed above. Given the kundli or horoscope of arvind kejriwal ,Mercury or budha the lord of thinking and creativity being lord of fifth bhava helps him to become strategist of things much better that others.