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What you do in the next 12 months could go a long way toward permanently refuting the last prediction. LEO July 23—Aug German scientists have created cochlear implants for gerbils that have been genetically modified, enabling the creatures to "listen" to light. The researchers' work is ultimately dedicated to finding ways to improve the lives of people with hearing impairments.

What might be the equivalent of you gaining the power to "hear light"? I understand that you might resist thinking this way. In my view, stretching your imagination past its limits is the healing you need most right now. I also think that doing so will turn out to be unexpectedly practical.

Here's useful wisdom from the poet Rumi. That's where the light enters you.

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To promote even more healing in you, I'll add a further clue from poet Anna Kamienska: Artist David Hockney is proud of how undemanding he is toward his friends and associates.

They're simply for pleasure. I am not currently a wanderer or voyager or entrepreneur or swashbuckler.

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But at other times in my life, I have had extensive experience with those roles. So I know secrets about how and why to be a wanderer and voyager and entrepreneur and swashbuckler. And it's clear to me that in the coming weeks, you could benefit in unforeseen ways from researching and embodying the roles of curious wanderer and brave voyager and savvy entrepreneur and prudent swashbuckler.

Does it seem so obvious as to not need mentioning? Bear with me while I draw further meaning from it and suggest you use it as an inspiring metaphor in the coming weeks. When it rains, Sagittarius, let it rain; don't waste time and emotional energy complaining about the rain.

Don't indulge in fruitless fantasizing about how you might stop the rain and how you'd love to stop the rain. In fact, please refrain from defining the rain as a negative event, because, after all, it is perfectly natural and is crucial for making the crops grow and replenishing our water supply.

Your metaphorical "rain" will be equally useful. If for some reason your alliances are not yet awash in the exciting emotions of redemption and reinvention, get started on instigating experimental acts of intimacy.

I suspect you will be an especially arousing influence in the coming weeks. You may also be inspiring and disorienting, with unpredictable results. Sign up here for your free subscription. Keep a copy of this magic formula under your pillow or in your wallet.

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That's a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That's the only thing you should be trying to control. They may believe that people like us -- Goddess-worshiping tantric Sufi Qabalist pagans who hang around with Zen trickster witches and espouse a socialist libertarian political philosophy -- couldn't possibly have an intimate and vivid relationship with the cosmic hero they claim to own.

They act as if they have commandeered the trademark of one of the smartest wild men in history.

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Christ was a champion of women's rights, an antidote to the established and corrupt political order, and a radical spiritual activist who worked outside religious institutions. He was a passionate advocate for the poor and underprivileged.

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  • He owned nothing and had no use for the idea of "private property. Besides that, he was a master of love and he devoted his life to serving the Divine Intelligence.

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    He even went so far as to say, "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you, and give away all your possessions. But it's quite OK with us if you don't want to be like him.

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    The good thing about adoring Christ's pronoiac glory but not being a Christian is that we don't have any investment in wanting you to do as we do.

    We want you to do as you do! Is there any hijacked hero you'd like to liberate? Any spoiled treasure you hope to redeem? Any detoured savior you want to get back on track? Jesus was not the great exception but the great example. Resist and deflect and dissolve wrong-headed opinions about who you are and how you should live your life.