Daily horoscope 29 january

Beware of dissipation at the workplace as you tend to be laid back. You are caring about young people. Personal relationships are once again rejuvenated with love after a low period.

You make plans for a brief vacation with loved ones. You consider a residential change or redecorate the home to infuse fresh energy. Plans actualize as your work is appreciated.

An older man gives you sound advice. A trip is on the cards. It is party time and you share good cheer with friends. You express your creativity and actualize plans that were charted out a long time ago.

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You are ready to make new beginnings and let go old, safe patterns and ideas to forge ahead in new directions. A friend can be demanding. You realize your potential in a venture when you are given independent control. A trip is in the offing. You are full of enthusiasm as you make new beginnings at work and in relationships.

You can expect support from unexpected quarters when you need it. You go through a gamut of experience and change in emotional relationships.

The thoughts you send out into the world always come back to you in some shape or form. Yes, little things annoy you but you must not let yourself get worked up about issues that, in the greater scheme of things, are of no real importance.

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With a bit of thought and effort today you can rise above the pettiness of everyday life. You need to keep a grip on your feelings because the approaching lunar eclipse could send you into an emotional tailspin if you're not careful. Your current situation may not be optimal but neither is it worth getting too upset about.

A decision has to be made about a partnership of relationship matter and deep down you know there is no way you can avoid it. Wednesday's lunar eclipse in your sign will bring matters to a head but if you use your head you'll be okay. You may be tempted to lash out at someone who is annoying you but has it not occurred to you they could be doing it on purpose?

Maybe they want you to get angry so they can tarnish you as hyper emotional. Don't let that happen. You need to get away from people whose influence on you is negative to say the least. Fortunately the approaching eclipse will make it easy for you to put some distance between you, and then you can invest in more enriching friendships.

What happens over the next few days will awaken your interest in ideas you may not have considered before, ideas that will answer at least some of the questions you have been struggling with. Don't limit your thoughts to what you already know. You may want to be friends with everyone and keep things sweet in one-to-one relationships but that may not be possible over the next few days.

You're thorough in your efforts, which comes in handy whether you're at work, at home or anywhere else. You have high standards, and yet you're practical enough to know when something is good enough.

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It's important today to focus on the task at hand. This might be tough for you, since you tend to be easily distracted by ideas and conversation. Do your best to stick to your agenda, especially if you're at work.

Your boss may have higher standards right now than usual. Skimming over details won't work out well. You could miss something important, which would necessitate going back and starting over. Today you're filled with a quiet sense of competency. Whatever life brings, you trust yourself to handle it.

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This brings smooth serenity. Your professional associates and loved ones also find you reliable. Your presence alone helps them feel more secure, because they know you're trustworthy. You may have to fill in gaps left by someone else, but this shouldn't be a problem. You can do twice the work in half the time!

Jan. 29: Your daily horoscope

You're no stranger to hard work, and that's a good thing on a day like today, when care and effort are required. You may have to work long hours.

For this reason, it's also a good day to recommit to healthy living. You're capable of doing a very good job in your work today. You're quite practical, not to mention detail-oriented.

Long hours of focused effort don't bother you in the least.


In fact, maybe they should bother you more! It's possible to overdo it under the current influence. Try to keep a sense of perspective.